Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wooly Wonders

Morning all,

Ive been told its my turn to do a post! so here I am announcing the fantastic hand dyed wool coming soon to our store!

We will be featuring several types and thicknesses of wool with all hand dyed one of a kind colourways. Our wool will be dyed with the professional Landscape Wool dyes, also dyed with love! (i have a wool fettish i admit it)

These are some of the stunning colours available in the landscape range.

we will be featuring some of the following:-
8ply merino wool for the baby knitters (soakers/shorties/longies)
4ply fingering weight wool for the sock addicts or the lace addicts
12 ply wool for the instant satisfaction knitters.

The lovely Isobel has been toiling away behind her sewing machine with adorable totes and project pouches but I will let her have the honor of showing those beauties off.

Also coming soon will be screenprinted Canvas bags for the eco friendly. The new accessory at the moment is the canvas shopping bag! everyones carting them over their shoulders so why not join them with a one of a kind Jade and Isobel.

Some of the patterns will be quirky owls, pirate ships, teacups, knitting pics for the knitters all things lovely really, so stay tuned for them!

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