Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miss Isobel's Heaven!

The lovely Isobel is on horrid dial-up at the moment, and dial up is allergic to blog loading, so I'm writing on behalf of her!

She has adventured into the land of Mildura to follow a cute little teaching job! I'm so proud of her.
This adventure has led her to move into a beautiful place and finally set up a stunning sewing room! I am totally jealous but I share her excitement, here are her beautiful pictures! Mosey on into her little seamstress chamber...

Such and adorable little nook, the knitter in me is in love with the teapot full of needles! I wonder if i have a teapot lying around...

Another little update while I'm thinking about it I may as well announce that I'm pregnant expecting our second little angel! which is one of the reasons I've been so unmotivated! too much morning sickness for this little crafter!

Thats all from us! enjoy your days lovelies!


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