Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Short History of Jade and Isobel

There is something to be said for two crazy girls that just never give up even when they are miles apart, but that’s us Jade and Isobel.

We began our capers in 2005 after meeting at university where we both studied arts and creative writing. On a sunny May afternoon we began pondering over the love we shared for all things handmade. With autumn looming and the need for warm scarves to be knitted we began our adventures, experimenting with any kind of creative materials we could get our hands on. After some triumphant attempts and a few failures along the way (most then using Fimo modelling clay), we found our niche, somewhere between the vintage world of yesteryear and the crafters paradise of the 21st century.

We created handmade scarves, totes, jewellery and one of journals crafted from recycled magazines and books under the name 'Note Two Self' a tribute to our love of all things paper. With a passion for the written word we also ventured into the world of zines, creating a homage to notes written on scraps of paper, 'The Significance of Scribbles'. Whilst our little adventure blossomed we unfortunately had to part as one half of our team left for England. Although we tried to continue our adventures including a crazy trip to London in search of all things vintage, Note Two Self slowly drifted apart.

Two years have passed and we are back to take on the world. As best friends and business partners we have never lost sight of our dream and the last two years we have shared in the celebration of Isobel’s wedding and the birth of Jade’s son Elijah. And now we are only five hours drive apart as opposed to an 18 hour flight and with a new name and a slight change of image we are so excited to share our treasures with the world.

With individual styles and techniques we work together to create quality one off products inspired by tea cups, vintage fabric, children’s books, journals, owls, thrift shops, notes, buttons, mary-jane shoes, hand written letters and each other. We hope that our joy and passion for what we do shines through our work and that you can share in the adventures of Jade and Isobel.

Visit often as we will show you what we are up to and all the fun we have along the way creating our bits and pieces for you.

Much love

Jade and Isobel x

PS. Here is a sneak peak at just some of of the lovely materials we are currently using ..

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