Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Design!

We have come up with a bag design inspired by the need to keep creative projects away from little ones, this project satchel is perfect for storing knitting or sewing projects and also large enough for notebooks and journals. With pockets designed to hold all the tools of the trade this project satchel is perfect for crafters on the move! We are looking to have some in stock next week.

This is a very special one I have made for Jade after much discussion about her adorable little boy enjoying his game of pulling apart her knitting.

Its called Pots of Tea..

If you love it and need extra pockets or a larger size email us! We love custom orders.

Hope everyone is have a lovely weekend
Jade and Isobel x

PS. If you would like to read more about our crazy adventures you can find at our personal blogs. Jade @ Her Little Corner.. and me @ Her Library Adventures..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Tote Making..

What a busy time! After moving everything over to our new blog last weekend I haven't had a moment this week to even write in it. Thank goodness Jade has been holding the fort with some beautiful moleskine blogs.

I just wanted to post a few pictures of a custom tote I made today for Phoebe Alexa Joy Photography (check out her beautiful prints on Etsy). She wanted a reversible tote and chose the gorgeous fabrics herself.

I am so happy with the results I can't wait to stock up on fabric and make some more for the shop.

Outside pattern (such yummy fabric)

Inside Pattern

And as Jade and I are keeping moleskine journals for the year we will continue posting some of out favourite pages for you to check out.

This is one of my recent collages called Hollie Sweet. I just love seeing all my favourite things together on a page.

Have a lovely weekend
Isobel x

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Custom Moleskines!

Its not even 8am yet and already Ive stumbled onto one of the CUTEST things Ive seen in a long time, adding to our already huge obsession with moleskines here is a site that lets you create your own cover! and they laser engrave the image onto the front! the designs on the site are stunning, or you use your own custom look!

This idea is perfect for the artist who has almost everything, or even the journal guru who is on into the so called elite journals/notebooks!

the beautiful moleskines

check it out!

time to finish my dishes!
xx jade

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

moleskin madness!

After much asking from Isobel, here are my pages from my little work in progress, my moleskine, I have so many pages to catch up, but slowly I shall fill my pretty with lots of love magick and art!

here is one of my pages filled with adorable pictures and a random blurred photograph my mum did lol.

I like to draw random things on my pages, hoping that one day I shall have a little talent!
my next page is really simple but for some reason its one of my faves in my moley.

Its now time for me to make a cup of tea and watch underbelly, Ill be updating in a few days with a few knitted items that I've finshed and hand dyed and even embelished!
Im just over 16 weeks pregnant and feeling great, finally after weeks of feeling like death! my poor knitting pile didnt get touched!!

Enjoy your nights lovelies and I'll post again soon!
xxx Jade

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Things I'm Loving!

Jade and I have decided to post our weekly delights for you! Things we have bought, love, desire and can't live without!

So I'm up first this week so here we go...

This week I'm loving....

The Jane Austen Book Club... gorgeous movie, can't wait to read the book.

After seeing the film I couldn't help but go down to my local bookshop and purchase..

Whilst I was browsing the isles of the book shop I found a beautiful knitting book by Jo Sharp..

Once I have finishing the baby blanket I am knitting for my sister in law, I can't wait to try one of Jo's cute cardigans. Her books are beautiful quality with stunning photos and for $17.55 it was a bargain!

I'm also loving....

The new Real Living magazine, the beautiful art of Lovely Paper and the most amazing shop I have ever come across... Rose Harvest Antiques. Lucky for me its just down the road, but I urge anyone who lives in Melbourne and is looking for a weekend away to take a trip to Mildura, you won't regret it. This shop is like heaven for any collector, artist, crafter and creative being.

These are my loves for the week... Jade's turn next.

Much love stay tuned for more lovely things... Isobel x

Busy Days and Clutch Purses..

Well we have been so busy the last month (unfortunately not with crafty things) we have not had a chance to update. Well things are about to change..

I've now settled into my new job as a teacher and am trying to find a few extra hours in each day to play in my beautiful studio. Jade will hopefully be over the worst of her morning sickness soon and will be back to knitting like a crazy woman within a few weeks. With much hope and anticipation she will be coming to join me in my new little house in April which means many hours of Jade and Isobel craziness coming up really soon.

So my little weekend project was to play with the iron on interfacing I bought at Spotlight last week and I do so with great success making a very sweet clutch purse, perfect for day or night.

I am just in love with Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies! I can't wait to buy some more of her beautiful fabrics.

Well thats all I have for now, looking forward to making more creations over the next weekend but for now I must go continue cooking dinner..

Much love and happy Monday

Jade and Isobel x

Miss Isobel's Heaven!

The lovely Isobel is on horrid dial-up at the moment, and dial up is allergic to blog loading, so I'm writing on behalf of her!

She has adventured into the land of Mildura to follow a cute little teaching job! I'm so proud of her.
This adventure has led her to move into a beautiful place and finally set up a stunning sewing room! I am totally jealous but I share her excitement, here are her beautiful pictures! Mosey on into her little seamstress chamber...

Such and adorable little nook, the knitter in me is in love with the teapot full of needles! I wonder if i have a teapot lying around...

Another little update while I'm thinking about it I may as well announce that I'm pregnant expecting our second little angel! which is one of the reasons I've been so unmotivated! too much morning sickness for this little crafter!

Thats all from us! enjoy your days lovelies!


Japanese Fairytales

We purchased some stunning fabrics today from another etsyian!

some beautiful fabric called Japanese Fairy Tale oh its to die for!

This lovely fabric will be turned into a one of a kind bag! made by the lovely Isobel, so keep your eyes out for that!

The fab Isobel has been hard at work making knitting needle cases!

Here is one featured in our shop at the moment!

The case is a must have for any organised knitter! more fabrics to come soon for those little treasures!

Jade and Isobel x

Totes, Pouches and everything in between!

I have been having a wonderful time finding fabulous fabric to make my project pouches and tote bags which are in the shop right now. I want to show you some that I am currently working on too.

First off the tote bags, cause everyone loves (and needs) a good tote bag or two!

The tote bags come in two sizes, large 14” x 11” and small 12.5" x 10. I'm also going to make some extra large canvas ones, perfect for grocery shopping! Each tote is unique, is fully lined and is perfect for everyday use.

The large size tote is great for work or school and is big enough for sketchbooks, journals and all other essential arty items.

This is the small size and is great for girls, teens and adults alike. (PS. I think this fabric is so cute, reminds me of a retro tablecloth!)

I can't wait to make some more and I'm especially excited by some new vintage fabric that is arriving today. My little sewing machine is in for a workout over the weekend.

The project pouch come in one size at the moment 12” x 10” when folded and I looking to create a bigger size for knitters and crafters that desire a bit more room. Jade has suggested pockets for patterns and I have taken the liberty of putting one into my latest creation.

So here they are..

These project pouches have been such a hit both sold the night I put them on our Etsy shop. But never fear I made another one last night and will be making more over the weekend. I also do customized orders so if there is something you really want on your tote or project pouch let me know.

So my newest creation (secretly my favourite at the moment) is this project pouch I have called Wild Mushrooms.

It reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland with the craziness of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

So thats it for me at the moment, look out for more creations on Monday.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday.

Much love, Isobel.

Wooly Wonders

Morning all,

Ive been told its my turn to do a post! so here I am announcing the fantastic hand dyed wool coming soon to our store!

We will be featuring several types and thicknesses of wool with all hand dyed one of a kind colourways. Our wool will be dyed with the professional Landscape Wool dyes, also dyed with love! (i have a wool fettish i admit it)

These are some of the stunning colours available in the landscape range.

we will be featuring some of the following:-
8ply merino wool for the baby knitters (soakers/shorties/longies)
4ply fingering weight wool for the sock addicts or the lace addicts
12 ply wool for the instant satisfaction knitters.

The lovely Isobel has been toiling away behind her sewing machine with adorable totes and project pouches but I will let her have the honor of showing those beauties off.

Also coming soon will be screenprinted Canvas bags for the eco friendly. The new accessory at the moment is the canvas shopping bag! everyones carting them over their shoulders so why not join them with a one of a kind Jade and Isobel.

Some of the patterns will be quirky owls, pirate ships, teacups, knitting pics for the knitters all things lovely really, so stay tuned for them!

We Love Birthdays!

What an amazing month it has been! Just as we begin to get our little business up and running the busiest time of the year comes along! Instead of sewing and creating lovely things for our shop we have been making presents and decking the halls for the festive season. So whilst I have a moment between wrapping presents, glittering pears and cleaning the house I thought I'd post just a few of our creative adventures.

To start with I wanted to show you a sample of what will be in our shop in the new year.

This is a project pouch which is a must for every knitter, seamstress, crafter and arty type! This was a prototype I made up for Jade, as she was complaining about her knitting all being tangled together and I love it so much I am going to make some ASAP. Look out for vintage prints, bold colours and totally adorable buttons.

I shall also show you my other prototype for the purses I have been creating.

This was to show Jade when I drove down to see her last weekend for her son's first birthday. So here is my little purse, I am going to make them in a variety of sizes with embroided postcards on the front.

And as I've told you about our fabulous weekend together playing birthday parties I better post a few photos of the occasion!

Jade and Isobel in our cute party hats!

The gorgeous treasure chest cake that Jade made! (it was very yummy too!)

The birthday boy!

So we have been very much into Christmas this year. I have to show you the adorable Christmas decoration Jade made me, just cause I love owls!

Edit: As we moved blogs obviously this post sounds a little strange but I still wanted to include it as we had such a lovely time at Elijah's birthday.

Much love Jade and Isobel x

Ready to take on the World!

Morning my lovelies!
after much work yesterday on my tragic space situation I had to do something about it! so alot of shifting reorganising and packing up the results are this!

Keep and eye out for updates as Isobel and I are planning and sewing and stitching our little hearts out! we are on the great fabric adventure sourcing fantastic fabric for some beautiful totes and little purses for your treasures!

Im also tempting the knitters of the world with some beautiful Knitting needle cases! so keep an eye out on this space!

this fabric will be turned into a needle case with personalised embroidery.

they will retail in our etsy shop for about $45! keep a close watch as the finished case pictures will be up soon!

enjoy your day!

The Short History of Jade and Isobel

There is something to be said for two crazy girls that just never give up even when they are miles apart, but that’s us Jade and Isobel.

We began our capers in 2005 after meeting at university where we both studied arts and creative writing. On a sunny May afternoon we began pondering over the love we shared for all things handmade. With autumn looming and the need for warm scarves to be knitted we began our adventures, experimenting with any kind of creative materials we could get our hands on. After some triumphant attempts and a few failures along the way (most then using Fimo modelling clay), we found our niche, somewhere between the vintage world of yesteryear and the crafters paradise of the 21st century.

We created handmade scarves, totes, jewellery and one of journals crafted from recycled magazines and books under the name 'Note Two Self' a tribute to our love of all things paper. With a passion for the written word we also ventured into the world of zines, creating a homage to notes written on scraps of paper, 'The Significance of Scribbles'. Whilst our little adventure blossomed we unfortunately had to part as one half of our team left for England. Although we tried to continue our adventures including a crazy trip to London in search of all things vintage, Note Two Self slowly drifted apart.

Two years have passed and we are back to take on the world. As best friends and business partners we have never lost sight of our dream and the last two years we have shared in the celebration of Isobel’s wedding and the birth of Jade’s son Elijah. And now we are only five hours drive apart as opposed to an 18 hour flight and with a new name and a slight change of image we are so excited to share our treasures with the world.

With individual styles and techniques we work together to create quality one off products inspired by tea cups, vintage fabric, children’s books, journals, owls, thrift shops, notes, buttons, mary-jane shoes, hand written letters and each other. We hope that our joy and passion for what we do shines through our work and that you can share in the adventures of Jade and Isobel.

Visit often as we will show you what we are up to and all the fun we have along the way creating our bits and pieces for you.

Much love

Jade and Isobel x

PS. Here is a sneak peak at just some of of the lovely materials we are currently using ..